About Us

Hello, my name is Chrissy Shaver and I have been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 1995  through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).   I  received my bachelors degree in Corporate Fitness & Wellness with a minor in Athletic Training from Grand Canyon University in 1999. 

The goal of POSITIVELY FITT  is to make fitness a part of your life and  hopefully you will love health & fitness the way I do!  I would love to get as many people moving again and feeling good about themselves.  This is a goal to set not only for yourself, but for your family!

We train with convenience in mind for our clients, at your home, local park, or at your office.  Here at POSITIVELY FITT we specialize in small group training and personal one-to-one sessions. Brand new to my get moving crusade is FAMILY FITNESS!  The more friends or family in a class the more fun exercise seems to be and you will maintain a support group with similar goals in mind.  I am always trying to keep up with the newest and best fitness trends, to keep your workouts interesting and fun.  I like to change up the workouts and bring in different tools from my fitness toybox to bring new challenges to you with each workout session.

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