About Positively Fitt

Why Positively Fitt?

The goal of POSITIVELY FITT is to make fitness a part of your life and hopefully you will find passion in health & fitness the way I do! My goal is to get as many people moving again and feeling good about themselves. This is a goal to set not only for yourself, but for your family!

Movement and sports performance is my passion and I work hard to share that passion with all athletes young and not so young. I have studied everything from general fitness, general & kids sports nutrition, postural analysis and sports injuries, to high powered plyometric. I am currently studying the neurology of movement for rehab & sports performance.

If you are looking for motivation and results, Positively Fitt will keep you moving. I pride myself about creating a family feel at the studio. When working out with friends or family the more fun exercise seems to be and you will maintain a support group with similar goals in mind. I like to change up the workouts and bring in different tools from my fitness toy box to bring new challenges to you with each workout session.

Here at POSITIVELY FITT we offer Small Group Fitness, Tabata BootCamp, Personal Training, and Semi-Private Training. We also offer Athletic Development for the young athletes or non-athletes.

What makes us different?

  • Complete whole body approach to health
  • Focus on improving movement & functional capacity for all ages
  • Address the underlying cause of health problems
  • Attention to detail
  • Long Term Success- no quick fixes
  • We not only train our members, we educate them for life long success

Positively Fitt Core Values

  • Positive Attitude - Creating a Positive Mind, to achieve a Positive Body.
  • Family - Everyone is treated like family! Once a part of the Fitt Family, always part of the Fitt Family.
  • Integrity - Always go above & beyond.
  • Trust - Feel comfortable and confident that we give you our best everyday.
  • Teamwork - We are all here to live healthy lifestyle, we all support each other. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Creating a Positive Mind, Positive Body…Making YOU Positively Fitt!

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